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X Northern Captain Bookmark is very useful, simple and helpful feature. It was constructed for storing Hot Dirs - directory names that very often are used by a user. Bookmark can store up to 9 Hot Dirs including AFS archives and FTP sessions.
These 9 books are shown in the right side of the panels. Each book displays its number and type of storing name (DFS - disk file system i.e directory; ARC - archive; FTP - FTP session). To see detailed information about book just move mouse pointer to it and popup help shows you a full pathname. Remeber that if you were using plugins, xnc would not display type of the each bookmark. Drag and Drop feature allows You easy add/delete or switch to needed book. 

If you want to add directory/archive to bookmark just press on that dir or on panel header then drag it to bookmark and drop on the empty space. Another way is to press 'AddToBookmark' [Ctrl+a] key or press assigned book number with 'Ctrl'. [Ctrl+a] adds book to first empty space in bookmark. 

If you want to delete book from bookmark drag it to recycle bin and drop on it.

If you want to switch to the book press on it by mouse or activate via 'SwitchToBook*' hotkey (default [Ctrl+ 1-9]). 

First eight books are normal storing books, but nineth book is a swap book. This means that this book store last switched on bookmark directory.
For example: 

  • Your current directory '/root'.
  • You switch to book 2 ('/home/user1').
  • Now current directory '/home/user1'.
  • You do some operations there and want to return to '/root'.
  • Press on book9 - swap book - and You again at '/root'.

Bookmark has one limitation for archives: Only full archive pathname adds to bookmark, not an internal arhive dir. So after pressing on the book with the archive you will always be positioned on the top of the archive.

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Author Leonid V. Khramov