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X Northern Captain based on Virtual File System (VFS) conception. The virtual file system, or VFS, is an abstraction that allows applications to access different types of file systems in a consistent fashion. This allows uniform access to files in the local file system, ftp sites, RPM packages, and compressed archives. You can easily manipulate files on normal disk, inside archives and ftp sessions to remote machines, and all operations on these files are transparent to the user. 
Achive file system, or AFS, is a part of VFS and it has supports for different types of arhives. These supports allow XNC to enter into archive or archive inside archive and to take a list of contents and to do other operations as with normal files (even execute from it). Of couse, not all operations supported inside archives, but such usefull ones as copy, view, delete, execute can be activated by pressing hot keys or via mouse actions.
AFS supports are not compiled into xnc itself, its a set of commands that placed into xnc configuration file '~/.xnc/xnc.afs' and you can easily add your on supports for any exotic archive you like.
If You enter into archive, XNC finds appropriate support for it and run program pointed in the support. So this program (archiver) must be installed before using support. After entering into archive abd reading list of contents from support xnc displays file list on the panel, and panel header shows assigned support, name of archieve and relative path from the top of it.

Currently XNC has following AFS supports:
Extensions given in brackets. 

  • TAR [.tar]- execute 'tar' and allow 'copy from/to (extract/add)', 'view', 'execute' and 'edit' operations.
  • TARGZ [.tgz;.tar.gz;tar.Z;tar.z]- execute 'tar and gzip' and allow 'copy from', 'view' and 'execute' operations.
  • ZIP [.zip] - execute 'zip and unzip' and allow 'copy from/to', 'delete', 'view', 'edit' and 'execute' operations.
  • RPM [.rpm] - execute 'rpm' and allow 'copy from', 'view', 'edit' and 'execute' operations.
  • DEB [.deb] - execute 'deb-pkg' and allow 'copy from', 'view' and 'execute' operations.
  • RAR [.rar] - execute 'rar' and allow 'copy from/to', 'delete', 'view', 'edit' and 'execute' operations.
  • UNARJ [.arj] - execute 'unarj' and allow only full extract ('copy from' with all selected files) command.
  • LHA [.lzh;.lha] - execute 'lha' and allow 'copy from/to', 'delete', 'view', 'edit' and 'execute' operations.
FTP file system is another type of VFS in XNC, it allows you browse and manage remote directories via well-known File Transfer Protocol. FTP connection can be established by ActivateFtpLink command or by typing 'cd ftp://site' string in command line. Also you can remember bookmark for your site and then go to the site by pressing on the bookmark button.
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Author Leonid V. Khramov