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Future Ideas

  • Add encoding auto-conversion to exec commands
  • keep history file, also keep history of sourced files
  • set mimetype(extension,au) "audio/u-law"
    set mimetype(extension,wav) "audio/wave"
    set mimetype(extension,mid) "audio/midi"
    proc run {file} {
        global mimetype
        if {[file executable $file]} {
            exec $file
        catch {set mimetype $mimetype(extension,[file extension $file])}
        if {![info exists mimetype]} {
            set mimetype $mimetype(magic,[exec /bin/file $file])
        exec $mimetype(application,$mimetype) $file
  • Add socket level communication model
  • Enhance the true debugging capabilities - I'm looking at tcl-debug and into what I can adopt from the tkInspect philosophy.
  • I'm taking ideas...

Known Bugs/Quirks

  • Command highlighting isn't perfect because I try to make it too efficient.
  • All interpreters have the same current working directory. This is a limitation of tcl.
  • You can't 'attach' on machines where send does not exist. John Loverso has a comm.tcl replacement. In any case, you can still attach to internal interpreters and namespaces.
  • Need to clean up checkpointed states when the associated interp dies. Works with slaves, but not foreign interps.
  • Can't identify non-Tcl or pre-Tk4 interpreters automagically...
  • You tell me...

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