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TkCon requires Tk8.0+. Since TkCon is meant to behave like the original Tk console, it does not separate itself from the environment (it does not use send to function, except when attached to foreign Tk interpreters). This means that it can be can be altered or destroyed by any sourced applications, and it will respond to an application's 'exit' call by exiting (by default, slave consoles will only close themselves instead of exiting the entire TkCon environment). However, the widget tree of TkCon is hidden from the user environment.

Since TkCon is built for cross-platform capability, in Unix/Windows environments it does not have tty/shell behavior. This means programs like vi and less (those that rely on tty/shell settings) will not function appropriately (currently they may hang TkCon). Programs like ls and more will just spit output to the TkCon screen without any special control or formatting (note that ls has been rewritten for TkCon). You also do not get any job (process) control outside of what tcl normally can provide. Currently there is no way to handle stdin input.

When connecting to non-Tcl Tk interpreters (ie - PerlTk, SchemeTk, ...), you must use the syntax of the target environment. See my notes on using other Tk-embedded languages for more info.

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