bcel API: Uses of Class org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals.Frame

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Packages that use Frame
org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals Provides a PassVerifier class mostly used internally by JustIce, yielding a control flow graph for public use as a nice side effect. 

Uses of Frame in org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals

Methods in org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals that return Frame
 Frame Frame.getClone()
 Frame InstructionContext.getOutFrame(java.util.ArrayList executionPredecessors)
          This method returns the outgoing execution frame situation; therefore it has to be calculated by execute(Frame, ArrayList) first.

Methods in org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals with parameters of type Frame
 void ExecutionVisitor.setFrame(Frame f)
          The only method granting access to the single instance of the ExecutionVisitor class.
 void InstConstraintVisitor.setFrame(Frame f)
          This returns the single instance of the InstConstraintVisitor class.
 boolean InstructionContext.execute(Frame inFrame, java.util.ArrayList executionPredecessors, InstConstraintVisitor icv, ExecutionVisitor ev)
          This method symbolically executes the Instruction held in the InstructionContext.