web2ldap - WWW gateway to LDAP server

Full-featured web-based LDAP client
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web2ldap is known to work smoothly with the following software:

Web browsers

Netscape Communicator
The classic web browser...
Recent milestones have the best CSS support around!
The web browser and file manager of the KDE project.
Very fast HTML rendering and very small! Unfortunately currently no support for UTF-8 Unicode encoding.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Support for CSS depends very much on the version used.
Commercial browser. Aims to be fast and small. Also very good CSS support.
W3C's reference browser.
A text-mode browser.
A text-mode browser capable of handling tables.
Built-in browser of the StarOffice application suite.

Web servers

I don't have to write any explanation about this one...

LDAP servers

OpenLDAP 1.x
Open Source implementation of LDAPv2. Use is deprecated today.
OpenLDAP 2.x
Open Source reference implementation of LDAPv3. Check it out!
Netscape/iPlanet Directory Server
web2ldap even supports some extra features for these.
Novell eDirectory 8.x
With sub-tree renaming and some other neat features.
LDAP server in Lotus Notes R4.5x and 4.6x
Sometimes behaviour of this LDAP server was very weird making it almost unusable. LDAPv2 if I remember correctly.
LDAP server in Lotus Notes R5.x (sometimes weird)
Most times it works quite well. Persistent connections are dropped very fast - depends on the configuration I guess. web2ldap contains a work-around for the null-byte terminated string of the namingContexts attribute in Domino/LDAP's RootDSE.
MS Active Directory
web2ldap displays the GUID as active LDAP URL links.
Siemens Dir/X
At the moment only read-only tests were done.

Negative list

Please use the feedback form to send more compability notes.

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