1.5. Creating New Phrase Styles

1.5.1. Using Event Processing

SDF's event processing feature makes it easy to create a new phrase style from an existing one. For example, the following line makes LIB an alias of the S style:

!on phrase 'LIB';; $style='S'

1.5.2. Using Mapping Tables

SDF uses the phrasestyles filter to define the mapping between an SDF phrase style and a target phrase style. For example:

!block phrasestyles
Name    To

# Emphasis
A       Default
B       Bold
I       Italic
N       Normal
U       Underline
E       Filename
JUMP    Jump
1       =I
2       =B
3       =U
S       =2
SUB     Subscript
SUP     Superscript

1.5.3. Creating New Target Phrase Styles

SDF makes it easy to define new target phrase styles by inheriting configuration details from an existing style.

See the look/simple/mif.sdn file in the SDF distribution for examples.