1.4. Creating New Paragraph Styles

1.4.1. Using Event Processing

SDF's event processing feature makes it easy to create a new paragraph style from an existing one. For example, the following line makes FEATURE an alias of the P2 style:

!on paragraph 'FEATURE';; $style='P2'

1.4.2. Using Mapping Tables

SDF uses the parastyles filter to define the mapping between an SDF paragraph style and a target paragraph style. For example:

!block parastyles
Name        To                      Attributes

# normal paragraphs
N           b0_Body

# headings
H1          h1_Heading
H2          h2_Heading
H3          h3_Heading

1.4.3. Creating New Target Paragraph Styles

SDF makes it easy to define new target paragraph styles by inheriting configuration details from an existing style.

See the look/simple/mif.sdn file in the SDF distribution for examples.