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Invoking the YAZ client

It can be started by typing

yaz-client [-m fname] [-a fname] [-c fname] [-v level] [-p target] [-u auth] [-k size] [zurl]

in a UNIX shell / WIN32 console. The zurl, specifies a Z39.50 host and, if specified, the client first tries to establish connection with the Z39.50 target on the host. Options are prefixed by - followed by a particular letter.

The following options are supported:

In order to connect to Index Data's test Z39.50 server on, port 210 and with the database name marc, one would have to type


In order to enable APDU log and connect to localhost, port 210 (default) and database Default (default) you'd write:

    yaz-client -a - localhost

The following command connects to a local server via UNIX socket /tmp/yaz and sets maximum message size to 5 MB.

    yaz-client -k 5120 unix:/tmp/yaz