XBlockOut manual (xbl 1.0k)

X Window block dropping game in 3 Dimension

Xbl is a game involving dropping blocks like Xtetris but in 3 dimensions. As they drop you can move them with numeric key pad (if you have), cursor key or rotate other 3 axis in 2 directions (6 other keys). Space key for dropping quickly and 'p' key for pause. All the possible keys are displayed in menu window.

Points are scored for each block that comes to rest on the gradually building up pile of blocks. When the pile reaches the top of the screen and no further blocks can be dropped the game ends. When a stage of blocks across the 3D matrix is completely filled, that stage is removed and all the blocks above are dropped down. As more stages are deleted the blocks fall faster.

There is one high score table by size of matrix and pieces types.

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Blockout is a registered trademark of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., used by permission.