Reference Manual
Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.
521 Springridge Dr.
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Version 1.19 - 5/10/98
Copyright © 1995-1998 Bruce E. Wampler
All rights reserved.

V Reference Manual Chapters

1  What is V?
2  The V View of the World
3  A V Tutorial
4  The Application
5  Command Windows
6  Dialogs
7  Drawing
8  Standard V Values
9  Utilities
A  Tutorial C++ Source
B  C++ Coding Style Guidelines
C  Quick Reference
D  V Programming Tools
E  Release Notes
F  Latest Release
G  V Class Hierarchy

Contents - Chapters and Sections

1  What is V?

2  The V View of the World
    2.1  A Generalized GUI Model
    2.2  Easy to program
    2.3  Good Example of OO
    2.4  The V Object Hierarchy

3  A V Tutorial
    3.1  Getting Started with Your Own V Application
    3.2  A Standard V Application
    3.3  Special V Applications
    3.4  A Tutorial Example V Application

4  The Application
    4.1  vApp
    4.2  vAppWinInfo

5  Command Windows
    5.1  vCmdWindow
    5.2  vCommandPane
    5.3  vMenu
    5.4  vPane
    5.5  vStatus
    5.6  vWindow

6  Dialogs
    6.1  CmdAttribute
    6.2  CommandObject
    6.3  Commands
    6.4  vIcon
    6.5  vDialog
    6.6  vModalDialog

7  Drawing
    7.1  Introduction to Drawing
    7.2  Fonts
    7.3  vBrush
    7.4  vCanvasPaneDC
    7.5  vCanvasPane
    7.6  vTextEditor
    7.7  vBaseGLCanvasPane
    7.8  vColor
    7.9  vDC
    7.10  vMemoryDC
    7.11  vPen
    7.12  vPrintDC
    7.13  vPrinter
    7.14  vTextCanvasPane

8  Standard V Values
    8.1  Predefined ItemVals
    8.2  Version Values

9  Utilities
    9.1  vDebugDialog
    9.2  vFileSelect
    9.3  vFontSelect
    9.4  vNoticeDialog
    9.5  vReplyDialog
    9.6  vTimer
    9.7  vYNReplyDialog
    9.8  Utility Functions
    9.9  Utility Programs
    9.10  More Goodies

A  Tutorial C++ Source
    A.1  The Application
    A.2  The Command Window
    A.3  The Canvas
    A.4  A Modeless Dialog
    A.5  A Modal Dialog
    A.6  The Makefile

B  C++ Coding Style Guidelines
    B.1  Readability
    B.2  Naming
    B.3  Files
    B.4  Include Files
    B.5  Function Definitions
    B.6  Indentation
    B.7  Comments
    B.8  Class Definitions
    B.9  C++ Language Features
    B.10  Software Portability

C  Quick Reference
    C.1  CommandObject
    C.2  vApp
    C.3  vBrush
    C.4  vCanvasPane
    C.5  vCmdWindow
    C.6  vColor
    C.7  vDebugDialog
    C.8  vDialog
    C.9  vFileSelect
    C.10  vFont
    C.11  vFontSelect
    C.12  vIcon
    C.13  vMenu
    C.14  vModalDialog
    C.15  vNoticeDialog
    C.16  vPen
    C.17  vReplyDialog
    C.18  vStatus
    C.19  vTextCanvasPane
    C.20  vTimer
    C.21  V Utilities
    C.22  vWindow
    C.23  vYNReplyDialog

D  V Programming Tools
    D.1  The V Application Generator
    D.2  The V Icon Editor

E  Release Notes
    E.1  X Window System
    E.2  Microsoft Windows
    E.3  V Versions
    E.4  Changes to previous version
    E.5  Future Plans

F  Latest Release

G  V Class Hierarchy

V - A C++ GUI Framework, Version 1.18, may be reproduced and distributed, in whole or in part, subject to the following conditions:

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  2. You may not translate or create a derivative of this work without the author's written permission.

  3. If you distribute this manual in part, you must provide instructions and a means for obtaining a complete version.

  4. You may make a profit on copies of this work only if it is included as part of an electronic distribution of other free software works (e.g., Linux or GNU).

  5. Small portions may be reproduced as illustrations for reviews or quotations in other works without this permission notice if proper citation is given.

My goal is to get as many people as can be helped using V. If the terms of this documentation copyright are unsatisfactory, please contact me and we can probably work something out.

A gzipped tar file of the full V reference manual is available at ftp://www.objectcentral.com/wvrefman.118.tar.gz.

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V Reference Manual - Version 1.19 - 5/11/98
Copyright © 1998, Bruce E. Wampler