Inherited Resources

XmHTML inherits the following resources. The resources are listed alphabetically, along with the superclass that defines them


Resource Inherited From Resource Inherited From
XmNaccelerators Core XmNancestorSensitive Core
XmNbackground Core XmNbackgroundPixmap Core
XmNborderColor Core XmNborderPixmap Core
XmNborderWidth Core XmNbottomShadowColor Core
XmNbottomShadowPixmap Core XmNchildren Composite
XmNcolormap Core XmNdepth Core
XmNdestroyCallback Core XmNforeground Manager
XmNhelpCallback Manager XmNheight Core
XmNhighlightColor Manager XmNhightlightPixmap Manager
XmNinitialResourcesPersistent Core XmNinsertPosition Composite
XmNmappedWhenManaged Core XmNnavigationType Manager
XmNnumChildren Composite XmNscreen Core
XmNsensitive Core XmNshadowThickness Manager
XmNstringDirection Manager XmNtopShadowColor Manager
XmNtopShadowPixmap Manager XmNtranslations Core
XmNtraversalOn Manager XmNunitType Manager
XmNuserData Manager XmNwidth Core
XmNx Core XmNy Core