Xerces 3.1.1 API: Class SAXNotSupportedException
Xerces 3.1.1

Class SAXNotSupportedException


public class SAXNotSupportedException
extends SAXException

Exception class for an unsupported operation.

This module, both source code and documentation, is in the Public Domain, and comes with NO WARRANTY.

An XMLReader will throw this exception when it recognizes a feature or property identifier, but cannot perform the requested operation (setting a state or value). Other SAX2 applications and extensions may use this class for similar purposes.

SAX 2.0
See Also:
SAXNotRecognizedException, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
SAXNotSupportedException(java.lang.String message)
          Construct a new exception with the given message.
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Constructor Detail


public SAXNotSupportedException(java.lang.String message)
Construct a new exception with the given message.
message - The text message of the exception.

Xerces 3.1.1