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Many people have helped make Report Magic what it is today. Thanks go out to all those listed below, not to mention the numerous people who provided bug reports, suggestions and general encouragement. And many thanks to all the people who have helped to make Perl and the freely-available Perl modules.

Stephen Turner

If it weren't for Analog, Report Magic for Analog would be pretty useless. Many thanks to Stephen Turner for developing, supporting and maintaining Analog.

Corey Kaye

Corey and the folks at DNS originally developed what grew into Report Magic. They deserve lots of credit for design and descriptions that have made Report Magic so useful.

Jason Linhart

Jason helps build the Mac port and has done all the Mac testing. He is also in charge of building the Mac Binary package. His Mac experience and log analysis work at have been invaluable.

Martien Verbruggen

Martien wrote the GD::Graph module used as the basis for the graphs. As the graphs are an important part of Report Magic, he deserves a lot of credit for helping to make this a great tool.

Martin Vorlaender

Martin helped get Report Magic working on VMS. The VMSPerl libraries are, apparently, fairly sketchy, and he was able to track down all the patches and updates needed to make sure Report Magic properly worked on the VMS file system. Martin also does all the German language translations and has been helpful in providing lots of bug fixes and optimizations.

Lincoln Stein and Thomas Boutell

Lincoln Stein wrote the root graphics interface to Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library that is used by both graph systems. Thanks so much to them for providing such a powerful and easy to use graphics creation tool.


Report Magic has achieved widespread use in great part due to its langauge support. Without the help of these translators that would not have been possible:

  • Paulo Pires (VisualNet Lda); Portuguese.
  • Székely Dénes; Hungarian.
  • Denis Schitter; French.
  • Raf Roset; Catalan.
  • Pontus Goffe; Swedish.
  • Massimo Mezzini; Italian.
  • Martin Vorländer; German.
  • Bob Zhu; Chinese (gb2312).
  • Sergio Talens-Oliag; Spanish.


The following people / organizations have graciously provided mirrors for Report Magic. This has been a great boon in reducing the load on the main server:

Users and Testers

Many thanks go out to the users and testers who have provided valuable feedback on features, bugs and general functionality.

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