Report Magic for Analog Documentation

Installing the Macinstosh Binary Package

Saving and Extracting

When you download the Macintosh Binary Package, save the file to a your hard drive. Your browser may automatically expand it to a folder called Report Magic on your desktop or in your download folder, otherwise use Stuff-It ExpanderTM (or a similar uncompressing utility) to open the archive and decompress it to your hard-drive.


Within the Report Magic folder will be another folder called docs. From your web browser, open the file index.html in this folder to learn how to use Report Magic for Analog. In the Report Magic folder is also a file called readme.txt. Please see this file for last minute changes.


The Macintosh Binary Package is ready-to-run. If you have Analog installed and configured, you can procede to "Building you Setting File" in the Report Magic documentation. Remember that it may be useful to put your report.dat file in your Report Magic folder before running Report Magic.

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