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Report Magic File Formats

Report Magic for Analog's settings file use an ".ini" file, that works like any standard ".ini" file or profile (such as those used extensively on Windows systems). The file contains sections, whose names are delimited by square brackets (e.g. [MySection]) followed by a series of name=value pairs, one to a line, that set values for the named setting within the scope of that section. For example, the following sets some of the settings Report Magic uses when generating the statistics reports.


File_In = report.dat

Frame_File_Out = reports/index.html

Comments may be included in this format by starting a comment line with ';' or '#'. Any line that begins with these is ignored by Report Magic. Whitespace (spaces and tabs) is optional and ignored before or after the brackets ('[', ']') or between the brackets and the section name. Whitespace is optional and ignore before a setting name, between the name and the '=', between the '=' and the value and after the value. Whitespace within a section name, setting name and value is preserved.

Note that unlike most ".ini" files, case matters! You must type the names of sections and settings exactly as they appear in the documentation (or use the samples provided in the language directories).

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