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Report Magic Columns Reference

What follows is a reference for the codes you can use in your configuration file to specify which columns to show in various report.

General Summary Rows

Code Letter Meaning
HN Host name
PS Program start time
FR Time of first request
LR Time of last request
L7 Time last 7 days starts after (Old versions of Analog, only)
E7 Time last 7 days lasts until
SR Successful server requests
S7 Successful requests in last 7 days
PR Successful requests for pages
P7 Successful requests for pages in last 7 days
FL Failed requests
F7 Failed requests in last 7 days
RR Redirected requests
R7 Redirected requests in last 7 days
NC Lines without status code
C7 Lines without status code in last 7 days
NF Distinct files requested
N7 Distinct files requested in last 7 days
NH Distinct hosts served
H7 Distinct hosts served in last 7 days
CL Corrupt lines in the logfile
UL Unwanted lines in the logfile
BT Total data transferred
B7 Total data transferred in last 7 days
VE Analog version string

Active Column

Code Letter Meaning
R Number and/or percentage of requests
P Number and/or percentage of page requests
B Number and/or percentage of bytes transferred
D Date and time of last access
d Date of last access

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