4. Structure of the initialization file(s)

If you use a version with a user interface (called "UI" in the following) you can skip this section 4 (but you should read the sub-sections 4.1-4.4, where you'll find the descriptions of the parameters in the Editors).

In text files the parameters necessary to start a calculation are defined. (As mentioned above: once the calculation had been started, they are superfluous.) Their structure is quite simple:
The double cross (#) introduces a comment. Everything written after it in the same line is ignored. Normally a line begins with a key word, which is followed by one ore more parameters.

The parameters and the key word have to be in the same line and have to be seperated by blanks. Following types of parameters are possible:
int: integer values (like 1, -1, 0, 2, 3, 1001, ...)
float: floating point values (like -0.2353, 21.21324, 0.001, ...)
strings: strings of characters

If a key word is not mentioned, a default value will be used instead. Some example files are included in the program's distribution kit. You should look at them, for many things will become clear in an instant simply by looking at them, whereas it is more difficult to understand it only theoretically.

4.1 Key words for definition of fractal object and view

4.2 Key words for definition of colors

A color in Quat is represented by a red-green-blue triple, where red, green and blue are numbers from 0.0 to 1.0.

When using a color together with other colors (as it is in a palette) every color needs some kind of factor, that defines the amount of the palette to be occupied by the color. Same is true for color ranges. The factors or weightings of all colors and/or color ranges are summed up by Quat to find out what 100% are.

It is possible to define many colors and color ranges, which taken together are building the palette. The color described first in the file corresponds to the value "0.0", the last one "1.0". This will become important when we'll see how to get the color we want through a mathematical formula. The key words are:

4.3 Key words for definition of intersection objects

Objects can be defined (only planes yet), which intersect with the fractal object.
Key words:

4.4 Other key words