Advanced QHacc

QHacc is aimed squarely at the non-advanced user. However, there are some features that should generally be avoided by the casual user, but may be of interest to people who like to break things. I call these the advanced features of QHacc. You should not use any of the features described here. They are for tinkerers and live-by-the-seat-of-your-pantsers. Very often, they will completely destroy your installation and all your data. You have been warned.

Undocumented Features

I should start off by saying I get a kick out of a section in the documentation titled "Undocumented Features." Obviously, I'm documenting them here, so perhaps this section should be titled "Screwball Antics," or "How to Break QHacc," or some such, but those just don't make me laugh like "Undocumented Features" does. I should also mention that some of these features can be set on the plugin-specific page of the Preferences Dialog, but that does not mean they are safe to use.