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qconfirm-cdb-update - maintain a constant database for the use with qconfirm-cdb-check(1)


qconfirm-cdb-update [-vr] [-c cdb] [-t sec] [-m min] [-l limit] [-s state]


qconfirm-cdb-check conditionally transfers known envelope sender address ids from the qconfirm directory into the constant database cdb.

By default, qconfirm-cdb-update scans the directory ~/.qconfirm/ok for empty files created by qconfirm-check(1). It ignores file names starting with a dot, and files with user's write permission unset. If qconfirm-cdb-update finds a minimum number of new files, it adds the corresponding ids to the constant database ~/.qconfirm/ok.cdb, and removes the files.

While manipulating ~/.qconfirm/ok.cdb, qconfirm-cdb-update removes ids with timestamps that are more than sec seconds older than the current time.


-c cdb
The filename of the constant database to be updated. Default is ``ok.cdb'' (in the qconfirm directory). Note: If qconfirm-cdb-check updates cdb, it creates cdb.tmp as temporary file. If cdb.tmp exists, it will be destroyed.
-t sec
Set the timeout for removing ids from the constant database to sec seconds. Default is 15724786. If sec is 0, qconfirm-cdb-update does not remove any ids from cdb.
-m min
Set the minimum number of new id files to be added to the constant database to min. Default is 100. If min is 0, qconfirm-cdb-update always updates cdb.
-l limit
Set the maximum number of new ids to be added to the constant database to limit. limit must be between 1 and 1000. Default is 300.
-s state
The directory to be scanned for new ids. Default is ``ok'' (in the qconfirm directory).
remove. Remove id files from the qconfirm directory that are also in cdb. Normally qconfirm-cdb-update ignores these files.
verbose. Print verbose messages to stdout.


The environment variable QCONFIRM_DIR overrides the default location of the user's qconfirm directory (``.qconfirm'').

See Also

qconfirm-cdb-check(1), qconfirm(1), qconfirm-check(1), qconfirm-conf(1), qconfirm-accept(1), qconfirm-return(1), qconfirm-control(1)


Gerrit Pape <>

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