Primer3 Output Help

start (Start Position)
The position of the 5' base of the primer. For a Left Primer or Hyb Oligo this position is the position of the leftmost base. For a Right primer it is the position of the rightmost base.
len (Oligo Length)
The length of the primer or oligo.
tm (Melting Temperature)
The melting temperature of the primer or oligo.
The percent of G or C bases in the primer or oligo.
any (Self Complementarity)
The self-complementarity score of the oligo or primer (taken as a measure of its tendency to anneal to itself or form secondary structure).
3' (Self Complementarity)
The 3' self-complementarity of the primer or oligo (taken as a measure of its tendency to form a primer-dimer with itself).
rep (Mispriming or Mishyb Library Similarity)
The similarity to the specified Mispriming or Mishyb library.
seq (Primer Sequence, 5'->3')
The sequence of the selected primer or oligo, always 5'->3' so the right primer is on the opposite strand from the one supplied in the source input. (The right primer sequence is the sequence you would want synthesized in a primer order.)

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