ANT Tasks for Perforce integration.


Interface Summary
P4Handler Interface for p4 job output stream handler.
P4OutputHandler Interface for p4 job output stream handler.

Class Summary
P4Add Adds specified files to Perforce.
P4Base Base class for Perforce (P4) ANT tasks.
P4Change Requests a new changelist from the Perforce server.
P4Counter Obtains or sets the value of a counter.
P4Delete Checkout files for deletion.
P4Edit Open file(s) for edit.
P4Have Lists Perforce files currently on client.
P4Label Creates a new Perforce label and set contents to reflect current client file revisions.
P4Revert Revert Perforce open files or files in a changelist
P4Submit Submits a numbered changelist to Perforce.
P4Sync Synchronize client space to a Perforce depot view.

Package Description

ANT Tasks for Perforce integration. These tasks provide basic P4 capabilities to automated ANT-based build systems. Note: the tasks in this package are linked against the Jakarta ORO 2.0 library which brings the power of Perl 5 regular expressions to Java. These tasks also require you to have the p4 (or p4.exe) client in your path.

Les Hughes

Copyright © 2000-2001 Apache Software Foundation. All rights Reserved.

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Copyright 2000-2002 Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.