4odb init

Initialize/update a 4ODS database and generate pstub classes.
4odb init[--help] [--adapter=<adapter>] [--package=<path>] [--directory=<dir>]
         [[--init] | [--update]] [--force] [--define=<name[=value]>]
         [--include=<dir>] [--preprocess] [--extension=<extension>] database
         file [file]...


4odb init test -ifg test.odl
Option Summary
-h show detailed help message
-a<adapter> Use the specified adapter.
-p<path> Use path as the Python path for the pstubs
-d<dir> Write pstubs to the specified directory
-i Initialize the specified database
-u Update an existing database
-f Disable prompting
-D<name[=value]> Define name for the preprocessor
-I<dir> Include dir in the preprocessor search path
-E Only run the preprocessor, sending its output to stdout
-e<extension> The python path to an extension module.

Argument Summary
database The name of the database.
file The ODMG ODL file(s) to compile