PLT mzc: MzScheme Compiler Manual File Format

An file provides general information about a collection. The file must have the following format:

(module info (lib "" "setup") 
   (define identifier info-expr···) 
info-expr is one of 
  (quote datum) 
  (quasiquote datum) ; with unquote and unquote-splicing 
  (info-primitive info-expr ···identifier ; an identifier defined in the info module 
  literal ; a string, number, boolean, etc. 
info-primitive is one of 
  cons car cdr list 
  list* reverse append 
  build-path collection-path 

For example, the following declaration is in the library of the help collection. It contains definitions for three info tags:

(module info (lib "" "setup") 
  (define name "Help") 
  (define mred-launcher-libraries (list "")) 
  (define mred-launcher-names (list "Help Desk"))) 

The setup collection's library defines a get-info function for extracting field values from a collection's file. See the setup collection's documentation for details.