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(* Bool -- SML Basis Library *)

datatype bool = datatype bool

val not        : bool -> bool

val toString   : bool -> string
val fromString : string -> bool option
val scan       : (char, 'a) StringCvt.reader -> (bool, 'a) StringCvt.reader

   [bool] is the type of Boolean (logical) values: true and false.

   [not b] is the logical negation of b.

   [toString b] returns the string "false" or "true" according as b is
   false or true.

   [fromString s] scans a boolean b from the string s, after possible
   initial whitespace (blanks, tabs, newlines).  Returns (SOME b) if s
   has a prefix which is either "false" or "true"; the value b is the
   corresponding truth value; otherwise NONE is returned.

   [scan getc src] scans a boolean b from the stream src, using the
   stream accessor getc.  In case of success, returns SOME(b, rst)
   where b is the scanned boolean value and rst is the remainder of
   the stream; otherwise returns NONE.

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