mnoGoSearch MP3 ID3 tag support =============================== The Mp3 search works only on servers supporting HTTP/1.1 protocol, if you wish to index ftp sites use proxy instead. MP3 indexer.conf commands ========================= To activate MP3 tags detection set up your indexer.conf with some variables: CheckMp3Tag yes When this option is enabled the spider downloads only 128 bytes to determine an MP3 file. IndexMP3TagOnly yes When this option is enabled only MP3 tags are indexed, all HTML documents are searched for links only. In other case HTML and TEXT documents are indexed in usual manner and will be searchable. URLFileWeight 1 You may find useful to activate this option to index MP3 file names. How indexer processes MP3 tags ============================== If file is recognized as MP3, indexer creates document in the following format: $SongName $Artist $Album $Year $SongName So, title is filled with song name, description with artist, keywords is built as combination of album and year. Body is a combination of artist, album, year, song name. Search through author, album, songname ====================================== If you want restricted search by author, album or songname, use standard mechanisms described in the section "Changing different document parts weights at search time" of search.txt. For example, if you want to restrict search by song name use standard by title restriction. With default weights configuration and "URLFileName 1" you may find useful to add this into search.htm to restrict search area: