The CNIDR ISEARCH Text Searching System

Erik Scott, Scott Technologies, Inc.

Archie Warnock, A/WWW Enterprises

Features of the 1.13 Release

Isearch is a software system for searching though large amounts of text. The system allows a user to very quickly find out what documents are available that contain certain words. Unlike older search systems, Isearch does not use a list of keywords or an abstract; every word of every document can be checked. This allows greatly improved chances of discovering new information in old collections.

As an example, consider this real-world example: CNIDR uses Isearch to index and search a collection of over 2000 AIDS-related patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This collection of XXX megabytes of raw text can be searched in less than 1 second. A researcher looking for patents containing either the word "needle" or the word "syringe" can submit the query and get results back about as fast as his desktop machine can display them.

ISEARCH Features: