Xerces 3.1.1 API: V-Index
Xerces 3.1.1
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validate(Node) - Method in class org.apache.xerces.parsers.RevalidatingDOMParser
Given a node which is a DOM tree (or subtree), validate the tree against the current DTD.
ValidatingSAXParser - class com.ibm.xml.parsers.ValidatingSAXParser.
Deprecated. The W3C's DOM L3 working group will specify a standardized API for parser instantiation. XML4J and Xerces will switch to this API when it becomes available
ValidatingSAXParser() - Constructor for class com.ibm.xml.parsers.ValidatingSAXParser
value - Variable in class org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLContentSpec
The "left hand" value of the content spec node.
Version - class org.apache.xerces.framework.Version.
This class defines the version number of the parser.
Version() - Constructor for class org.apache.xerces.framework.Version

Xerces 3.1.1
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