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Insert a new record to the table specified. The insert form can be found by following the link "insert" in the tool bar or the table list. To insert a record into to that table, you simply put the values in the "VALUE" column and then press "GO" once the text fields are filled.

  • Using functions
    To use the functions in INSERT, you need to first choose the function you need from the select list in "Function" column. Then, enter the values for the functions in the column "Value".
  • For example to run
        INSERT INTO table_name
        SET Datetime = NOW(), PASSWORD('MyPass')

    Here is what you put in the form:

  • Insert null values
    In the config file, if you have insert_null (in %config) set to 1, then there will be an extra colunm at the end of the table called "Null". If a field is set to NULL, then there would be a checkbox for the field in the column; there will not be one otherwise. Check the checkbox and leave the "Value" input text box blank to insert a record with that field being null. If both a value is entered in "Value" and "Null" checkbox is checked for a field, then the value in "Value" will be taken and the check in the "Null" Checkbox will be ignored.
  • Escape character
    Values entered in "Value" will be escaped automatically by the script. I.e. you do not need to put a escape character (\) in before a single quote ('), etc.
  • Fields with type TIMESTAMP
    Fields with type TIMESTAMP is hidden by default. You can have these fields shown by setting show_timestamp_field to 1 in the config file (mysql.cfg).
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