2.3. - Dictionary Library

2.3.1. Purpose

This library provides support for reading and processing dictionaries stored in text files.

2.3.2. Interface

require "";


@dict_rest = ...

$success =
&DictFetch($file, $begin, $delimiter, $end, $prefix);

$ok =
&DictPrint($strm, $level, $buffer_name, $bufref, @report);

2.3.3. Description

A dictionary is a collection of items where each item has:

  • a unique key
  • a description

DICT_DFLT_REPORT is the default report for DictPrint. It:

  • outputs items in the order found, separated by blank lines
  • outputs each item as:
    • key on one line
    • description on the next

dict_rest is the set of lines in the last file processed by DictFetch which are not in the dictionary.

DictFetch inputs filename as a dictionary.

DictPrint outputs a dictionary using report. If no report is specified, DICT_DFLT_REPORT is used.