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13. Related Work

A Portable C Interface for Standard ML of New Jersey

by Lorenz Huelsbergen. Describes the implementation of a general interface to C for SML/NJ, including the ability to expose ML closures as C function pointers.

Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG)

SWIG generate interfaces from (extended) ANSI C/C++ function and variable declarations. It can generate output for Tcl/Tk, Python, Perl5, Perl4 and Guile-iii. More information available via the SWIG home page.

Foreign Function Interface GENerator (FFIGEN)

FFIGEN is a tool that parses C header files and presents an intermediate data representation suitable for writing backends. More information available via the FFIGEN home page.


Header2Scheme is a program which reads C++ header files and compiles them into C++ code. This code implements the back end for a Scheme interface to the classes defined by these header files. See . the Header2Scheme home page for more information.