Gnome Library Reference Manual

Table of Contents
Gnome Library
gnome-config -- Simple access to configuration values (50% done)
gnome-defs -- GNOME definitions for C++ linking.
gnome-dentry -- Manipulation of .desktop files.
gnome-exec -- Execution of programs from GNOME applications
gnome-fileconvert -- File format conversion functions.
gnome-help -- Routines for displaying help
gnome-history -- Keeping track of recently used documents.
gnome-i18n -- Support for localization and internationalization.
gnome-metadata -- File metadata information storage.
gnome-mime-info -- Routines to get information bound to a MIME type.
gnome-mime -- Routines to determine the MIME type of a file
gnome-paper -- Paper dimensions, printing unit conversions.
gnome-popt -- Command line argument parser
gnome-regex -- Regular expression cache implementation
gnome-remote -- User preference routines for executing commands on a remote host
gnome-score -- Tracking score for games
gnome-sound -- Sound playing routines for GNOME applications
gnome-triggers -- Hierarchical signal mechanism for application events.
gnome-url -- Launch viewers for documents based on their URL
gnome-util -- Miscellaneous utility functions for GNOME and C programs.
libgnome -- Non GUI part of the GNOME library.