Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11 API Specification: Class KDF2BytesGenerator
Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11

Class KDF2BytesGenerator

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class KDF2BytesGenerator
extends java.lang.Object
implements DerivationFunction

Generator for PBE derived keys and ivs as defined by IEEE P1363a

This implementation is based on draft 9 of IEEE P1363a. Note: as this is still a draft the output of this generator may change, don't use it for anything that might be subject to long term storage.

Constructor Summary
KDF2BytesGenerator(Digest digest)
          Construct a KDF2 Parameters generator.
Method Summary
 int generateBytes(byte[] out, int outOff, int len)
          fill len bytes of the output buffer with bytes generated from the derivation function.
 void init(DerivationParameters param)
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Constructor Detail


public KDF2BytesGenerator(Digest digest)
Construct a KDF2 Parameters generator. Generates key material according to IEEE P1363a - if you want orthodox results you should use a digest specified in the standard.

Note: IEEE P1363a standard is still a draft standard, if the standard changes this function, the output of this function will change as well. Don't use this routine for anything subject to long term storage.

digest - the digest to be used as the source of derived keys.
Method Detail


public void init(DerivationParameters param)
Specified by:
init in interface DerivationFunction


public int generateBytes(byte[] out,
                         int outOff,
                         int len)
                  throws DataLengthException,
fill len bytes of the output buffer with bytes generated from the derivation function.
Specified by:
generateBytes in interface DerivationFunction
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the size of the request will cause an overflow.
DataLengthException - if the out buffer is too small.

Bouncy Castle Cryptography 1.11