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Gadfly 1.0: An SQL Database in Python

Gadfly/kwParsing downloads and documentation.

Gadfly requires the kwParsing parser/parser generator package. The "two packages" are released as one distribution (kwP) with the same generous copyright.

Download kwP.tar.gz in tar-gz format with tar.gz extension.

Download kwP.tgz in tar-gz format with tgz extension.

Separately download kjbuckets.pyd data structure accellerator extension module for Python 1.5 on Windows NT or Windows 95/98 only.

[The tar.gz extension doesn't always work for MSIE browsers.]

Gadfly frequently asked questions (FAQ).

General information with links to other documentation, including installation instructions. main module main TCP/IP server mode main TCP/IP client mode client/server support module client/server test module installation script test suite grammar bindings grammar generation SQL grammar grammar tests main semantic objects update semantic objects data and file archiving introspection and remote table support remote table implementation demo and test relational algebra interpreter (toy) base data structures (python version)
These are the core files to the Gadfly SQL database engine A relational database query engine that supports the Structured Query Language (SQL), implemented entirely in Python (with optional builtin support from the kjbuckets builtin data structure accelerator).
Gadfly has been tested on Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux, and Unix (solaris), and it should run anywhere that Python runs (bebox, maybe Palm Pilot/WinCE eventually...)
Supports transactions and recovery
Supports a LARGE subset of SQL
Supports client/server access via TCP/IP sockets.
Many thanks to users who have used Gadfly in previous releases and who have offered suggestions and bug reports!
Gadfly source modules and documentation

kwParser, Python lint, IDL, etc...

kwParser is a parser generator for Python. It transforms an abstract specification of a language grammar (for example the CORBA Interface Definition Language) together with "interpretation functions" that define the semantics of the language into a compiler or translator or interpreter. In the case of CORBA IDL a python program using kwParser could generate stubs and support code (in Python or some other language) to talk to a CORBA interface.

The release given here has had some micro-optimizations (26 June 1997) which with luck don't break anything. In particular regexen are used more intelligently and the generation phase will use kjbuckets if it's available.

This is moderately heavy computer science. Not for the timid.

COPYRIGHT Do what you like, just don't sue me (roughly translated). A very simple example language specification. Another example specification (not related: simple program used to generate this page) A very complex example: CORBA IDL parser generator. This is a good example of a complex grammar. The interpretation functions and terminal regexes are all stubbed. A very complex example: The python grammar. This module uses a hand written lexer to handle Python's beautiful peculiarities. Used by
Look at the top of the module for editable parameters. An attempt to use the pygram parser to do simple checking on python source files. Reports references not set, assignments not used, etcetera. not all warnings indicate real problems of course. Used like this:
% python /home/app/arw/Python-1.5a1/Lib/
now parsing
(verify_request) 'request' defined before 225 not used
(verify_request) 'self' defined before 225 not used
(verify_request) 'client_address' defined before 225 not used
(handle_error) 'request' defined before 245 not used
(handle_error) 'self' defined before 245 not used
(collect_children) 'status' defined before 293 not used
(setup) 'self' defined before 368 not used
(__del__) 'self' defined before 371 not used
(handle) 'self' defined before 374 not used
(finish) 'self' defined before 377 not used
() '__version__' defined before 104 not used
269: (qref) 'max_packet_size' not defined in module?
Here only the last line indicates a possible real bug in
Barfs on inconsistent indentation (ie space-tab is not the same as tab).
Grumpy about one line for loops and lambdas.
For very weird cases may not parse strings correctly.
See top of module for more info.
Right now kjpylint might like to see an extra newline at the end of the file. I'll look into this, sorry.

Latest: Thu Jul 17 13:50:03 EDT 1997 The Parser generator module, used only to generate the data structures required for parsing. The Parser module, used both during the generation phase and also after generation when the generated parser is used.
kwParsing.html HTML documentation for the package. support module for parser generation. (uses kjbuckets builtin if available, or uses a straight Python implementation if not.)
kwP.tar.gz The package (tarred, gzipped)
kwParsing parser generator related files.