Tcl Interface

Tcl CommandDescription
berkdb dbremoveRemove a database
berkdb dbrenameRename a database
berkdb dbtruncateTruncate a database
berkdb envCreate an environment handle
berkdb envremoveRemove an environment
berkdb openCreate a database handle
berkdb versionReturn version information

env closeClose an environment
env txnBegin a transaction

db closeClose a database
db countReturn a count of a key's data items
db cursorOpen a cursor into a database
db delDelete items from a database
db getGet items from a database
db get_joinGet items from a database join
db get_typeReturn the database type
db is_byteswappedReturn if the underlying database is in host order
db joinPerform a database join on cursors
db putStore items into a database
db statReturn database statistics
db syncFlush a database to stable storage

dbc closeClose a cursor
dbc delDelete by cursor
dbc dupDuplicate a cursor
dbc getRetrieve by cursor
dbc putStore by cursor

txn abortAbort a transaction
txn commitCommit a transaction

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