C++ Interface by Class

Database Environment

DbEnv::closeClose an environment

DbEnv::errError message with error string

DbEnv::errxError message

DbEnv::openOpen an environment

DbEnv::removeRemove an environment

DbEnv::set_allocSet local space allocation functions

DbEnv::set_cachesizeSet the environment cache size

DbEnv::set_data_dirSet the environment data directory

DbEnv::set_errcallSet error message callback

DbEnv::set_errfileSet error message FILE *

DbEnv::set_error_streamSet error message output stream

DbEnv::set_errpfxSet error message prefix

DbEnv::set_feedbackSet feedback callback

DbEnv::set_flagsEnvironment configuration

DbEnv::set_mutexlocksTurn off mutual exclusion locking

DbEnv::set_pageyieldYield the processor on each page access

DbEnv::set_paniccallSet panic callback

DbEnv::set_panicstateReset panic state

DbEnv::set_recovery_initSet recovery initialization callback

DbEnv::set_rpc_serverEstablish an RPC server connection

DbEnv::set_region_initFault in shared regions on initial access

DbEnv::set_shm_keySet system memory shared segment ID

DbEnv::set_tas_spinsSet the number of test-and-set spins

DbEnv::set_tmp_dirSet the environment temporary file directory

DbEnv::set_verboseSet verbose messages

DbEnv::strerrorError strings

DbEnv::versionReturn version information
Database Operations

Db::associateAssociate a secondary index

Db::closeClose a database

Db::delDelete items from a database

Db::errError message with error string

Db::errxError message

Db::fdReturn a file descriptor from a database

Db::get, Db::pgetGet items from a database

Db::get_byteswappedReturn if the underlying database is in host order

Db::get_typeReturn the database type

Db::joinPerform a database join on cursors

Db::key_rangeReturn estimate of key location

Db::openOpen a database

Db::putStore items into a database

Db::removeRemove a database

Db::renameRename a database

Db::set_allocSet local space allocation functions

Db::set_append_recnoSet record append callback

Db::set_bt_compareSet a Btree comparison function

Db::set_bt_minkeySet the minimum number of keys per Btree page

Db::set_bt_prefixSet a Btree prefix comparison function

Db::set_cachesizeSet the database cache size

Db::set_dup_compareSet a duplicate comparison function

Db::set_errcallSet error message callback

Db::set_errfileSet error message FILE *

Db::set_errpfxSet error message prefix

Db::set_feedbackSet feedback callback

Db::set_flagsGeneral database configuration

Db::set_h_ffactorSet the Hash table density

Db::set_h_hashSet a hashing function

Db::set_h_nelemSet the Hash table size

Db::set_lorderSet the database byte order

Db::set_pagesizeSet the underlying database page size

Db::set_paniccallSet panic callback

Db::set_q_extentsizeSet Queue database extent size

Db::set_re_delimSet the variable-length record delimiter

Db::set_re_lenSet the fixed-length record length

Db::set_re_padSet the fixed-length record pad byte

Db::set_re_sourceSet the backing Recno text file

Db::statReturn database statistics

Db::syncFlush a database to stable storage

Db::truncateEmpty a database

Db::upgradeUpgrade a database

Db::verifyVerify/upgrade a database
Database Cursor Operations

Db::cursorOpen a cursor into a database

Dbc::closeClose a cursor

Dbc::countReturn count of duplicates

Dbc::delDelete by cursor

Dbc::dupDuplicate a cursor

Dbc::get, Dbc::pgetRetrieve by cursor

Dbc::putStore by cursor
Key/Data Pairs
Bulk Retrieval
Locking Subsystem

DbEnv::set_lk_conflictsSet lock conflicts matrix

DbEnv::set_lk_detectSet automatic deadlock detection

DbEnv::set_lk_maxSet maximum number of locks (Deprecated)

DbEnv::set_lk_max_lockersSet maximum number of lockers

DbEnv::set_lk_max_locksSet maximum number of locks

DbEnv::set_lk_max_objectsSet maximum number of lock objects

DbEnv::lock_detectPerform deadlock detection

DbEnv::lock_getAcquire a lock

DbEnv::lock_idAcquire a locker ID

DbEnv::lock_statReturn lock subsystem statistics

DbEnv::lock_vecAcquire/release locks

DbLock::putRelease a lock
Log Sequence Numbers
Logging Subsystem

DbEnv::set_lg_bsizeSet log buffer size

DbEnv::set_lg_dirSet the environment logging directory

DbEnv::set_lg_maxSet log file size

DbEnv::set_lg_regionmaxSet logging region size

DbEnv::log_archiveList log and database files

DbEnv::log_compareCompare two Log Sequence Numbers

DbEnv::log_fileMap Log Sequence Numbers to log files

DbEnv::log_flushFlush log records

DbEnv::log_getGet a log record

DbEnv::log_putWrite a log record

DbEnv::log_registerRegister a filename with the log manager

DbEnv::log_statReturn log subsystem statistics

DbEnv::log_unregisterUnregister a filename with the log manager
Memory Pool Subsystem

DbEnv::set_mp_mmapsizeSet maximum mapped-in database file size

DbEnv::memp_registerRegister input/output functions for a file in a buffer pool.

DbEnv::memp_statReturn buffer pool statistics

DbEnv::memp_syncFlush pages from a buffer pool

DbEnv::memp_trickleTrickle flush pages from a buffer pool

DbMpoolFile::closeClose a file in a buffer pool

DbMpoolFile::getGet page from a file in a buffer pool

DbMpoolFile::openOpen a file in a buffer pool

DbMpoolFile::putReturn a page to a buffer pool

DbMpoolFile::setModify meta information for buffer pool page

DbMpoolFile::syncFlush pages from a file in a buffer pool
Transaction Subsystem

DbEnv::set_tx_maxSet maximum number of transactions

DbEnv::set_tx_recoverSet transaction abort recover function

DbEnv::set_tx_timestampSet recovery timestamp

DbEnv::txn_beginBegin a transaction

DbEnv::txn_checkpointCheckpoint the transaction subsystem

DbEnv::txn_recoverDistributed transaction recovery

DbEnv::txn_statReturn transaction subsystem statistics

DbTxn::abortAbort a transaction

DbTxn::commitCommit a transaction

DbTxn::discardDiscard a prepared but not resolved transaction handle

DbTxn::idReturn a transaction ID

DbTxn::preparePrepare a transaction for commit
Exception Class for Berkeley DB Activity

DbException::get_errnoGet the error value

DbException::whatGet the error string
Exception Class for insufficient memory

DbMemoryException::get_dbtGet the failing Dbt

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