Clears the receiving buffer

Syntax COM_FLUSH(<nComPort>) --> lClear Argument <nComPort> Designates the port (1 to N) for which the receiving buffer is cleared. Returns If the receiving buffer can be cleared successfully, the function returns .T.. Description This function allows you to flush all the characters in a receiving buffer. This makes it unnecessary to tediously determine how many characters are currently in the buffer in order to remove them with a read procedure. COM_FLUSH() guarantees a truly empty buffer. However, a new character can be received between the time that you call a COM_COUNT() and a COM_READ(). Note A COM_FLUSH() on an unopened port is ineffective. Example cHayes := "ATZ" // Hayes modem reset command COM_SEND(1, cHayes) // Issue Hayes command INKEY(1) // Wait one second COM_FLUSH(1) // Reject modem reply messages