The files in this folder contain the predefined CMap files as listed in “Predefined CMaps” (Table 5.14) in the PDF Reference, Second Edition, Version 1.3. These CMap files are of two types:

1) Files that map CID values to Unicode values (which are technically not true CID CMap files, but do map values using the CMap format). The complete list of these files is shown below.

2) True CMap files that ship with CIDFonts; they map from Character Codes to CID values. The CMap file names are not listed here, but are the files in the folder for each language other than the files that map CID to Unicode (listed below).

CMap files that map CIDs to Unicode are of two types, and are listed below:

CID -> Unicode ("ToUnicode") Mappings (used to convert from CID values
to Unicode):

Adobe-GB1-UCS2 Adobe-GB1-* CIDs -> Unicode
Adobe-CNS1-UCS2 Adobe-CNS1-* CIDs -> Unicode
Adobe-Japan1-UCS2 Adobe-Japan1-* CIDs -> Unicode
Adobe-Korea1-UCS2 Adobe-Korea1-* CIDs -> Unicode

Non-Unicode -> Unicode Mappings (used for converting between host
encodings and Unicode):

GBK-EUC-UCS2 Windows SChinese -> Unicode
GBpc-EUC-UCS2 Mac OS SChinese -> Unicode (one-to-n)
GBpc-EUC-UCS2C Mac OS SChinese -> Unicode (one-to-one)
ETen-B5-UCS2 Windows TChinese -> Unicode
B5pc-UCS2 Mac OS TChinese -> Unicode (one-to-n)
B5pc-UCS2C Mac OS TChinese -> Unicode (one-to-one)
90ms-RKSJ-UCS2 Windows Japanese -> Unicode
90pv-RKSJ-UCS2 Mac OS Japanese -> Unicode (one-to-n)
90pv-RKSJ-UCS2C Mac OS Japanese -> Unicode (one-to-one)
KSCms-UHC-UCS2 Windows Korean -> Unicode
KSCpc-EUC-UCS2 Mac OS Korean -> Unicode (one-to-n)
KSCpc-EUC-UCS2C Mac OS Korean -> Unicode (one-to-one)