CGIWrap - Acknowledgements

The following are some people who have made significant contributions or suggestions to cgiwrap. If you notice someone who is missing, or I forgot about you, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.
Patch ideas and some sample source for PATH_INFO support

Jim Jagielski (
Fix for ~ problem. Simplest and cleanest one I got.
Suggestion and sample code to check exec bit on script and return error if not set.

Thomas Parmelan (
SETGROUPS config option and code
SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO rewrite code

William O'Neill (
Porting info for CDC 4680 EP/IX 2.1.1ad
Bug fix for ~ problem

de Sousa Carlos (
Porting info for Solaris 2/SunOs 5.x w/o BSD libs
Found PATH_INFO/QUERY_STRING problem with use on CERN server

Alan Weiner ( and
Re-brought up issue of argv[] argument passing to scripts

Dr Lawrie Brown, Lecturer
Numerous solaris fixes and suggestions, and log analyze script

Ian MacPhedran
Host IP address checking, and a couple of typo fixes