BeOS specifics

Drivers: GFX_*/BeOS
BeOS Allegro supports the following card parameters for the set_gfx_mode() function:

    This closes any graphic mode previously opened with set_gfx_mode.

    Let Allegro pick an appropriate graphics driver.

    Autodetects a graphics driver, but will only use fullscreen drivers, failing if these are not available on current platform.

    Same as above, but uses only windowed drivers.

    Special driver for when you want to reliably set a graphics mode and don't really care what resolution. See the set_gfx_mode() documentation for details.

    Fullscreen exclusive mode. Supports only resolutions higher or equal to 640x480, and uses hardware acceleration if available.

    Works the same as GFX_FULLSCREEN, but disables acceleration.

    Fast windowed mode using the BDirectWindow class. Not all graphics cards support this.

Drivers: DIGI_*/BeOS
The BeOS sound functions support the following digital soundcards:

      DIGI_AUTODETECT      - let Allegro pick a digital sound driver
      DIGI_NONE            - no digital sound
      DIGI_BEOS            - BeOS digital output

Drivers: MIDI_*/BeOS
The BeOS sound functions support the following MIDI soundcards:

      MIDI_AUTODETECT      - let Allegro pick a MIDI sound driver
      MIDI_NONE            - no MIDI sound
      MIDI_BEOS            - BeOS MIDI output
      MIDI_DIGMID          - sample-based software wavetable player