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(Class of Localization of Ring)

This class creates the fraction ring of the given ring. To make a concrete class, use the class method ::create or the function Algebra.LocalizedRing().

File Name:

  • localized-ring.rb


  • Object

Included Ring


Associated Functions:


Same as ::create(ring).

Algebra.RationalFunctionField(ring, obj)

Creates the rational function field over ring with the variable expressed by obj. This class is equipped with the class method ::var which returns the variable.

Example: the quotient field over the polynomial ring over Integer

require "localized-ring"
F = Algebra.RationalFunctionField(Integer, "x")
x = F.var
p ( 1 / (x**2 - 1) - 1 / (x**3 - 1) )
  #=> (x^3 - x^2)/(x^5 - x^3 - x^2 + 1)

Class Method:


Returns the fraction ring of which the numerator and the denominator are the elements of the ring.

This returns the subclass of Algebra::LocalizedRing. The subclass has the class method ::ground and ::[] which return ring and x/1 respectively.

Example: Yet Another Rational

require "localized-ring"
F = Algebra.LocalizedRing(Integer)
p, 2) +, 3) #=> 7/6

Example: rational function field over Integer

require "polynomial"
require "localized-ring"
P = Algebra.Polynomial(Integer, "x")
F = Algebra.LocalizedRing(P)
x = F[P.var]
p ( 1 / (x**2 - 1) - 1 / (x**3 - 1) )
  #=> (x^3 - x^2)/(x^5 - x^3 - x^2 + 1)

Returns zero.


Returns unity.



Returns true if self is zero.


Returns zero.


Returns unity.


Returns true if self equals other.


Returns the sum of self and other.


Returns the difference of self from other.


Returns the product of self and other.


Returns the quotient of self by other using inverse.


Returns the n-th power of self.