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This is a library for mathematical computations. Our purpose is to express the mathematical object naturally in Ruby. Though it is not operated fast, we can see the algorithm of the mathematical processing not in black box but in scripts.

This library is in development stage. At present, things we can handle are as follows:

  • One-variate polynomial

    • Fundamental operations (addition, multiplication, quotient/remainder, ...)
    • factorization
    • Galois group
  • Multi-variate polynomial

    • Fundamental operations (addition, multiplication, ...)
    • factorization
    • Creating Groebner-basis, quotient/remainder by Groebner-basis.
  • Algebraic systems

    • Creating quotient fields
    • Creating residue class fields
    • Operating matrices
    • Operating permutation groups
  • Sets and Maps


Install Ruby (See: <URL:> ) and set all lib/*.rb files of this package to the directory where they can be loaded by Ruby.

Usage and Samples

See index.html in doc directory, where manuals and sample codes are.


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