Installation instructions for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel


This module requires Perl 5.005 (or later) and Parse::RecDescent and File::Temp:





Method 1, standard install with make

Download the zipped tar file from one of the following:

Untar and unzip the module as follows or use winzip:

    tar -zxvf Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-0.xx.tar.gz

Change to the directory that tar creates. The module can be installed using the standard Perl procedure:

    perl Makefile.PL


    make test

    make install    # You may need to be root

    make clean      # optional

Windows users without a working make can get nmake from:

Method 2, install

If you have configured you can install the module as follows:

    perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Spreadsheet::WriteExcel"'

Method 3, ActivePerl ppm

ActivePerl users can use PPM as follows:

    C:\> ppm

    PPM> set repository tmp

    PPM> install Spreadsheet-WriteExcel

    PPM> quit


If this fails try the following:


If both of these fail you should ensure that ppm is working correctly. Try to install the File::Slurp module as a test:

    C:\> ppm

    PPM> install File-Test

    PPM> quit


A failure here will indicate that your ppm isn't configured correctly or, more likely, that you are behind a firewall. Have a look at the perlwin32faq11 documentation that comes with ActivePerl to see how to resolve these issues.

Method 4, ActivePerl local ppm

If the previous ppm methods fail you can try a local ppm install as follows. Download the following two files (xx is the most recent version number):

Copy them to a suitable temp directory. There is no need to un-tar or unzip the PPM file.

In the DOS shell change to the temp directory and run ppm:

     C:\> cd c:\temp

     C:\Temp> ppm

     PPM> install Spreadsheet-WriteExcel.ppd

     Install package 'Spreadsheet-WriteExcel.ppd?' (y/N): y

     Retrieving package 'Spreadsheet-WriteExcel.ppd'...

     Writing C:\perl\site\lib\auto\Spreadsheet\WriteExcel\.packlist

     PPM> quit


The module should now be installed. Note, you will also have to install Parse::RecDescent and possibly File::Temp if it isn't already installed .


You can keep up to date with future release by registering as a user with Freshmeat and subscribing to Spreadsheet::WriteExcel at the project page:

You will then receive mailed updates when a new version is released.

Alternatively you can keep an eye on news://comp.lang.perl.announce


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